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New blog post: Innovation in public services through collaboration between public and private stakeholders


Innovation in public services through collaboration between public and private stakeholders

By Chesney Callens and Koen Verhoest | 13. August 2019

Delivering innovative services is not only important to increase the competitiveness of private for-profit companies, but is also a way for the public sector to achieve a higher level of user satisfaction and to solve wicked problems in the complex societies of today. Innovation creates new and creative solutions for complex problems that break with…

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TROPICO young research network

By Chesney Callens and Magnus Paulsen Hansen | 19. December 2018

TROPICO includes a large number of young researchers who provide essential work for the project. It is a first-rate opportunity for them to contribute with their innovative research ideas, to learn from their peers, interact with other young researchers as well as more established academics, and bring out results from their research. The TROPICO blog…

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ICT = [I]nnovation, [C]ollaboration, [T]ransformation?

By Camilla Wanckel & Julia Fleischer | 8. November 2018

The digital era and new developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) provide new opportunities for policy makers, allowing them to make use of instruments such as open and big data, algorithmic and predictive analytics or even artificial intelligence to inform policy design and decision-making. For example, the UK Defence Secretary launched an artificial intelligence…

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ICT and innovation matter in procurement, say civil servants

By Amandine Lerusse | 23. October 2018

TROPICO wants to understand how public authorities consider environmental, social and innovative criteria when collaborating with the private sector. Therefore, TROPICO invited civil servants in five countries (Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Norway and Spain) to participate in a survey, designed quite innovatively, about their preferences in public procurement and their willingness to pay for including such…

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Summer heat and forest fires: could more collaboration be the answer?

By Sara Svensson | 13. August 2018

The summer of 2018 has been among the hottest and driest on record in many parts of Europe. In Sweden this has led to the outbreak of the largest forest fires the country has ever seen, and in Greece the highest casualty numbers resulting from a forest fire. Since many fear that forest fires will…

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