TROPICO entails four pillars connecting the institutional conditions and individual drivers and barriers of collaboration (I) with the practices of open and innovative collaboration in and by governments in policy design (II) and service delivery (III), and their consequences and effects for legitimacy and accountability as well as government efficiency (IV). The scientific work packages will elaborate thematically and methodologically on aspects of this overall four-pillared set-up.

The transformation towards greater collaboration and the turn from governments for the people towards governments by the people is inherently linked with technological innovations and the exploitation of ICT. The TROPICO project emphasises this integral significance by explicitly addressing the relevance of ICT in all four pillars of our project, considering institutional conditions for their emergence, inclusion, and use; individual attitudes towards their application; their empirical exploitation in internal and external collaboration for policy design and service delivery; and their relevance for the effects of collaboration on legitimacy and accountability as well as government efficiency.

Transforming into Open, Innovative and Collaborative Governments