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Transforming into Open, Innovative and Collaborative Governments

New blog post: "Public administration collaboration and digitalisation in times of COVID-19. Lessons from Germany?"


Work Package 8: Effects on Legitimacy and Accountability


WP8 aims to analyse the impact of collaboration on legitimacy and accountability and to develop assessment tools to measure those for collaborative governance.

In the context of increasing use of ICT in policymaking and public service delivery, WP8 asks how ICT systems are enabling and shaping new forms of accountability in collaborative policymaking, and how such systems are and can be used to gauge various forms of legitimacy of the design and delivery of public policy.


To answer these questions, WP8 conducts:

  • Comparative case studies of collaborative governance within employment policy with a specific focus on its effects for  accountability in Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain and Estonia.
  • A social network analysis to identify contact patterns of account giving and the assessment  and sanctioning of such accounts

On the basis of these insights, WP8 will designing and testing criteria-based assessment indicators and tools to measure:

  • The input, throughput and output legitimacy of collaborative policy processes
  • The accountability of public managers in the context of collaborative governance