Comparing to Improve – Examining the Impact of Collaboration

By James Downe, Benedetta Bellò, Peter Triantafillou & Lukas Thiele | 27. September 2021

Collaboration continues to be a popular way of designing policies and delivering public services. By working together, organisations aim to maximise public value and capture economies of scale, but there is a lack of evidence about collaboration’s impact on efficiency and legitimacy. A team from Cardiff, Roskilde and Potsdam Universities have designed a Collaboration Monitor…

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Does collaboration lead to more efficiency? – Lessons from English local government

By Benedetta Bellò & James Downe | 25. February 2021

After the 2008 financial crisis and a period of austerity, local councils in England have considered various ways to change how they manage and deliver services to cope with budget cuts. The UK Government even put together an ‘idiot’s guide’ to making sensible savings in local government by outlining ‘50 ways to save’. This all…

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Stakeholders prefer collaboration and transparency in (place)branding

By Erik Hans Klijn | 13. January 2021

Branding as governance strategy Branding has emerged rapidly as an important governance strategy in the public sector all over the world. Politicians use branding, including brand elements like slogans, wordmarks, and logos, to construct an identity that is attractive to voters. Branding is also frequently used to promote public organizations, policies or services. A brand…

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A Penny for your Thoughts: The Crucial Role of Collaboration to Enlighten the Artificial Intelligence Black Box

By Lukas Kögel, Camilla Wanckel & Andree Pruin | 30. November 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds great promises to relieve the work of public servants and eliminate biases in human behaviour. Governments around the world strive to exploit AI and Big Data in order to design more evidence-based, effective and efficient policies, improve the communication with citizens through AI-guided chatbots, or increase the speed and quality of…

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E-administration: Good practices of digital invoicing in France

By Samuel Defacqz and Claire Dupuy | 11. September 2020

TROPICO involves research on digital administration (or e-administration) in several European countries. For this blog post, we interviewed Alexandre Streicher, a Manager at AIFE (the French Agency for State Financial Information Technology) about Chorus Pro, a French e-invoicing system. Streicher also serves as an expert on the TROPICO External Advisory Board. With Streicher, we discussed…

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