Collaborating to understand user involvement – a joint initiative of five Horizon 2020 projects

By TROPICO Team | 18. June 2021

Lise H. Rykkja and Line M. Sørsdal (University of Bergen) have contributed to a joint policy brief called “The Co-Creation Compass: Creating Public Value Together: From Research to Action” from TROPICO and our four sister projects: Understanding Value Co-Creation in Public Services for Transforming Public Administrations (Co-VAL); Co-Production and Co-Governance: Strategic Management, Public Value and…

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Public private partnership needs collaboration (and trust)!

By Erik Hans Klijn | 5. June 2020

Public private partnerships (PPPs) have been around for some time now in the ‘toolbox’ of governments all around the world. The most well-known and used version are the so-called Design, Build, Finance and Maintenance (DBFM) partnerships, in which public and private partners work together under a usually long-term contract. In this type of partnership, private…

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Public administration collaboration and digitalisation in times of COVID-19. Lessons from Germany?

By Gerhard Hammerschmid | 20. May 2020

The current COVID-19 crisis sheds new light on the importance of state capacity and effective collaboration. The crisis has necessitated governments to deal with many new, unprecedented challenges, including  – but not limited to –  ensuring adequate resources for and coordination within national healthcare systems, collecting and analysing data from different sources, the development and…

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Is collaboration a key factor in healthcare service innovation?

By Jaime García-Rayado, Vicente Pina and Lourdes Torres | 17. April 2020

As in other European countries, the Spanish healthcare system must deal with numerous challenges to improve the quality of its services, while ensuring its sustainability. Accessibility to certain healthcare services throughout the country is difficult due to a geographically dispersed population. In addition, population ageing means there is also an increasing number of patients with…

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Home Office During the COVID-19 Pandemic – a Driver for Digital Change?

By Line M. Sørsdal and Karolina Półtorak | 31. March 2020

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world with unexpected challenges for how we live, work and interact. Many public and private institutions in Europe have been locked down, including the Norwegian universities which were closed on the 12th of March. As a result, approximately 17000 students and almost 4000 employees of the University of…

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