Comparing to Improve – Examining the Impact of Collaboration

By James Downe, Benedetta Bellò, Peter Triantafillou & Lukas Thiele | 27. September 2021

Collaboration continues to be a popular way of designing policies and delivering public services. By working together, organisations aim to maximise public value and capture economies of scale, but there is a lack of evidence about collaboration’s impact on efficiency and legitimacy. A team from Cardiff, Roskilde and Potsdam Universities have designed a Collaboration Monitor…

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Collaboration, the way to coordinate unaffiliated volunteers

By András Molnár | 7. August 2020

TROPICO research highlights that collaboration in the public sector is crucial, but also challenging. Governments across Europe have various solutions to ensure that different actors can work together effectively. An extraordinary situation when collaboration takes on a particular meaning is crisis management. As highlighted by Lise H. Rykkja and Per Lægreid, collaboration in times of…

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Ensuring Innovation in Public Procurement – Does Party Affiliation Matter?

By Amandine Lerusse | 14. July 2020

This blog post looks at government contracting as a type of collaboration where the public sector contracts out public services to the private sector in order to deliver quality public services. In 2018, the European Commission indicated that government contracting accounted for 14 percent of the European single market GDP. Price is a major driver…

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Public private partnership needs collaboration (and trust)!

By Erik Hans Klijn | 5. June 2020

Public private partnerships (PPPs) have been around for some time now in the ‘toolbox’ of governments all around the world. The most well-known and used version are the so-called Design, Build, Finance and Maintenance (DBFM) partnerships, in which public and private partners work together under a usually long-term contract. In this type of partnership, private…

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Public administration collaboration and digitalisation in times of COVID-19. Lessons from Germany?

By Gerhard Hammerschmid | 20. May 2020

The current COVID-19 crisis sheds new light on the importance of state capacity and effective collaboration. The crisis has necessitated governments to deal with many new, unprecedented challenges, including  – but not limited to –  ensuring adequate resources for and coordination within national healthcare systems, collecting and analysing data from different sources, the development and…

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