TROPICO conducts case studies on various dynamics and aspects of the digital transformation of public administrations in Europe over its project duration. This online case study repository gives access to all our empirical research in a condensed format. Please contact or the case study author for further information.

National consultations: A mix of old and new technology in Hungary

29. June 2019

The Hungarian National Consultation website is an online platform that allows Hungarian citizens to submit answers to sets of questions posed by the government. “National Consultations” have been organized with some regularity since the Fidesz party came into power in 2010. They started as paper-based questionnaires sent out by mail to all households in the country, but recent consultations have added a web-based option. While several private companies were involved in the development and…

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Digital Transformation in German Multi-Level Governance – The Case of Digitalisation Labs on “Immigration and Emigration”

25. April 2019

At present, the digital administrative landscape in Germany has been dominated by isolated solutions and the German Online Access Act (OZG) seeks to support harmonisation and better collaboration by creating uniform standards across administrative levels. It obliges the federal administration, the Länder and the municipalities to offer their administrative services digitally by the end of 2022. So far, 575 services are affected by this law, most of which are carried out by the Länder…

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