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What is the Collaboration Monitor?

The Collaboration Monitor is an easy to use online self-assessment tool enabling practitioners to compare their collaborative practices on key characteristics of efficiency (the ratio between resources used and output) and legitimacy (the legal, political and social acceptance). Its aim is to help organisations engaged in collaborations to gauge the efficiency and the legitimacy of the collaborative network you participate in. If you participate in more than one collaboration, please choose one collaboration and answer the questions on this.

The Collaboration Monitor is relevant for a wide range of collaborations in which a public organisation is working in partnership with other public or private organizations or individuals to design a policy or deliver public services. The collaboration, which could operate at local, regional or national level, may be formalized or very informal. However, it has to have a certain durability and a focus on developing or delivering one or more policies or public services. We welcome respondents from different levels of the organisation, but you must have good knowledge of the collaboration.

The survey will be conducted anonymously. You will be able to access your own results and the (anonymized) average results from other collaborations.

The data collected in this survey is processed in a completely anonymous form. If you have any questions regarding data protection, please contact the data security officer at the University of Potsdam:

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