TROPICO research is presented and discussed at various events, ranging from internal project meetings to academic conferences and meetings with practitioners across Europe. If you are interested in our presentation materials or want to know more, please contact


There are currently no new events planned. We will update as soon as possible. Please check out our past events for now.


International Smart City Symposium – Redefining the Smart City. From a technocentric towards a collaborative value-based and human centred understanding

23. Mar 2021 - 24. Mar 2021
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TROPICO Online Summit 2020

09. Dec 2020
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Session 3: Public-private collaboration for eHealth innovation

TROPICO Online Summit 2020

02. Dec 2020
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Session 2: Digital Transformation: The Challenge of Better Collaboration within Government

TROPICO Online Summit 2020

25. Nov 2020
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Session 1: Collaborating for Digital Transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic

TROPICO research @EGPA 2020 PSG VI online event on “Public sector organizations in the 2020s: Governance, collaboration, digitalization – and responses to COVID-19”

03. Sep 2020 - 04. Sep 2020

TROPICO Second Review Meeting

18. Feb 2020

TROPICO research @“Public Policy Design: from cities to Europe, and back” – practitioners’ event part of the French National Road Show

25. Nov 2019

TROPICO research @Second EaP eDemocracy Conference on Digitalisation and Transformation: Effects on Democracy

22. Nov 2019

TROPICO research @Convention on EU best practice in access to information to public sector information

06. Nov 2019 - 07. Nov 2019

TROPICO Summit in Tallinn

23. Oct 2019 - 25. Oct 2019
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TROPICO research @“Le numérique au service de l’humain” (“Digital at the service of mankind”) – practitioners’ event part of the French National Road Show

17. Oct 2019

TROPICO research @Creating value and driving sustainability, accountability and the digital agenda through Public Sector Innovation, organized by Curia Rationium, European Court of Auditors, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Think Ahead, at the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg

26. Sep 2019

TROPICO research @Section conference «Public Administration and Public Policy», German Political Science Association (GPSA)

19. Sep 2019

TROPICO research @Pleio Day in Amersfoort

12. Sep 2019

TROPICO research @EGPA Annual Conference 2019, Belfast, UK

11. Sep 2019 - 13. Sep 2019

TROPICO research @2019 ECPR General Conference

04. Sep 2019 - 07. Sep 2019

TROPICO research @NESEFI – UFSCar, São Carlos, Brazil

16. Jul 2019

TROPICO research @Cluster meeting for topic H2020-SC6-CULT-COOP-11: Understanding the transformation of European Public Administrations, REA

04. Jul 2019

TROPICO research @PhD seminar organized by the IMPGT (Aix-en-Provence) in collaboration with the IDHEAP (Lausanne) and the PGI (KU Leuven)

20. Jun 2019

TROPICO research @Public Management Research Conference (PMRC)

13. Jun 2019

TROPICO research @”57ème Congrès annuel de la Société québécoise de science politique”, Université de Montréal

22. May 2019 - 24. May 2019

TROPICO MB/CC Meeting in Zaragoza, Spain

09. May 2019 - 10. May 2019

TROPICO research @5TH REHI WORKSHOP: A Historical Perspective on Multi-Level Urban Economic Development Policy, Paisley, UK

29. Nov 2018 - 30. Nov 2018

TROPICO research @NIG Conference, the Hague, the Netherlands

01. Nov 2018 - 02. Nov 2018

TROPICO research @IP3SN Conference in Toronto, Canada

20. Sep 2018 - 21. Sep 2018

TROPICO research @Creative Bureaucracy Festival, Berlin, Germany

07. Sep 2018 - 08. Sep 2018

TROPICO research @EGPA Annual Conference 2018, Lausanne, Switzerland

05. Sep 2018 - 07. Sep 2018

TROPICO presents @21. Deutschlandforum des Innovators Club, Berlin, Germany

03. Sep 2018 - 04. Sep 2018

TROPICO research @ECPR General Conference 2018, Hamburg, Germany

22. Aug 2018 - 25. Aug 2018

TROPICO research @SOG Annual Meeting 2018, Potsdam, Germany

20. Jun 2018 - 21. Jun 2018

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