Is collaboration really necessary for high legitimacy in branding?

By Erik Hans Klijn | 19. November 2021

Collaboration is often mentioned in the recent literature as crucial to achieve legitimacy. The popular claim is that including stakeholders in different processes will enhance their acceptance of the outcomes. This is usually referred to as output legitimacy. An interesting question is then whether a high level of collaboration is a sufficient condition for achieving…

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Comparing to Improve – Examining the Impact of Collaboration

By James Downe, Benedetta Bellò, Peter Triantafillou & Lukas Thiele | 27. September 2021

Collaboration continues to be a popular way of designing policies and delivering public services. By working together, organisations aim to maximise public value and capture economies of scale, but there is a lack of evidence about collaboration’s impact on efficiency and legitimacy. A team from Cardiff, Roskilde and Potsdam Universities have designed a Collaboration Monitor…

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Making service delivery more efficient by working together. Spanish experience

By Jaime García-Rayado, Vicente Pina & Lourdes Torres | 24. August 2021

Measuring the efficiency of public sector service delivery has attracted increasing attention and is a major concern among many public authorities worldwide. Many governments place focus on assessing and monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of the actions and services provided by public authorities. In a context of limited resources, the challenge for public authorities is…

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Collaborating to understand user involvement – a joint initiative of five Horizon 2020 projects

By TROPICO Team | 18. June 2021

Lise H. Rykkja and Line M. Sørsdal (University of Bergen) have contributed to a joint policy brief called “The Co-Creation Compass: Creating Public Value Together: From Research to Action” from TROPICO and our four sister projects: Understanding Value Co-Creation in Public Services for Transforming Public Administrations (Co-VAL); Co-Production and Co-Governance: Strategic Management, Public Value and…

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Ensuring accountability in collaborative governance – challenges and solutions

By Magnus Paulsen Hansen, Signe Elmer Christensen & Peter Triantafillou | 28. May 2021

Collaboration is useful to address complex social problems, such as long–term unemployment. However, collaboration across organisational boundaries can also cause new and fuzzy accountability lines. This means that it can be hampered by excessive accountability demands, and that placing responsibility when collaborative actions go wrong might be difficult. On this background, the overall aim of the TROPICO Work Package 8: Effects of Collaboration…

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