Innovation in public services through collaboration between public and private stakeholders

By Chesney Callens and Koen Verhoest | 13. August 2019

Delivering innovative services is not only important to increase the competitiveness of private for-profit companies, but is also a way for the public sector to achieve a higher level of user satisfaction and to solve wicked problems in the complex societies of today. Innovation creates new and creative solutions for complex problems that break with…

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TROPICO young research network, part II – ongoing research: Interministerial collaboration and citizen involvement in legislation

By Samuel Defacqz | 27. June 2019

The TROPICO project includes a large number of young researchers engaging in the essential work of the project. In the series “TROPICO young research network” we present some of our outstanding PhD students and postdocs. In this post, Samuel from CNRS, France, blogs about his work: My name is Samuel Defacqz and I work as…

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Digital Natives on Digitalisation in Public Administration: Remarks from our Young Researchers

By Andree Pruin & Nora Carstens | 5. June 2019

Already in 2001, the educationalist Mark Prensky used the term “Digital Native” to describe young people who grew up with the so called “new technologies”. The immense changes that the technical development has brought since then could only be guessed at that time: smartphones, social media, block chain and artificial intelligence – these are just…

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Drivers and Barriers of e-Participation: the European Experience

By Kadi Maria Vooglaid | 28. February 2019

Electronic participation, or e-participation, is being experimented with worldwide, with the expectation that greater engagement will better inform government decision-making and enhance democratic processes. Since the earliest attempts at electronic democracy, e-participation has aimed at overcoming political distance, thus ushering in a new era of democratic revitalization. Proof of the democratizing and legitimizing effects of…

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