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Transforming into Open, Innovative and Collaborative Governments

New blog post: "TROPICO young research network, part III: Collaborating to solve complex crimes. Insights from a postdoc project on digital platforms in international police collaboration"

Parlement & Citoyens: an online platform connecting citizens and lawmakers for policy design in France

Romain Vincens, L’hémicycle du Sénat français en septembre 2009, CC BY-SA 3.0 Parlement & Citoyens (P&C) is an online platform “enabling citizens and legislators to work together to find solutions to [France’s] problems”. This website is a private e-participation initiative. The French context is characterized by a high e-participation index and a high-level of citizens’…

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Chorus: An Integrated Financial Information System for Policy Design in France

Chorus is the financial information system (FIS) of central state administrations in France. Chorus’ scope is wide: from 2007, it has gradually been expanded to all ministerial departments. Its topic is highly sensitive because it deals with state finances and is the main application that public administrations use for this matter. Chorus is a case…

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