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Transforming into Open, Innovative and Collaborative Governments

Podcast from the discussion with Siim Sikut, CIO of the Estonian government on the “The next step of digital public services: Experiences from Estonia” hosted by Hertie School

National consultations: A mix of old and new technology in Hungary

The Hungarian National Consultation website is an online platform that allows Hungarian citizens to submit answers to sets of questions posed by the government. “National Consultations” have been organized with some regularity since the Fidesz party came into power in 2010. They started as paper-based questionnaires sent out by mail to all households in the…

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The National Adaptation Geo-Information System and its Effect on Collaboration and Policy Design in Hungary

The National Adaptation Geo-Information System (NAGiS) was launched in 2016 after three years of intensive cooperation among several units at different levels and sectors in the Hungarian public administration as well as foreign actors (the EEA Fund and the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning).   Aims and goals Observed changes in climate…

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